What Does 200 Calories Look Like? ᔥWiseGeek

Federico Hernández Ruiz

I found this lovely article, which indeed makes a lot of sense, but maybe the real questions are different. Something like:

  • Which Calories are harder to assimilate or make our body to work harder to process them and which just bypass? It is completely different to eat a Melon in the morning before anything than drinking a Sugared Soda, even if both have the same amount of calories.
  • What should we eat to get enough protein and not have that sense of hungriness, that munchy crave? It’s not only to feel full, it is not to feel hungry.

Indeed, we are all worried about how we eat and why we do, any good source of knowledge will feed us in the right way. And still the 5 a day campaign makes a lot of sense. 400 g vegetables and fruit are what the World Health Organization recommends and for the Harvard “Healthy Eating Plate” plate is the best one…

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