Tipo para Mars Volta

Este es un cartel hecho para la banda The Mars Volta, con tipografía e ilustración. 



Diseño de Álex Aráez



May 3Creative Brainstorming: 50 Examples of The Logo Design ProcessPosted in DESIGN 19 comments »by Aquil AkhterEveryone knows how important a logo is to your identity and brand. Every business, online and offline, requires a logo. A logo represents your company and products to potential customers.Almost any designer can create a good logo, but it won’t necessarily be perfect. Creating an extraordinary logo requires a thorough design process. It should involve brainstorming ideas (either on paper or in digital format), incorporating standard logo elements, choosing appropriate typography, using colors correctly and—most importantly—making a few versions of the proposed logo in different fonts, colors and styles. Points of comparison will help you see which one is perfect.In this post, we’ve compiled a list of businesses that have shared a peek inside their fascinating logo design process with the public. We hope it will get you started on your own.The Logo Design And Development ProcessThe Bounty Bev Logo Design Process“A bounty is a reward given to those who seek the best, and BountyBev brings you the reward of American Craft Beer. Our brands are steeped in history, tradition, and countless stories that should be shared with those who are worthy and paired with flavorful foods.”Grooveshark | Case study“Grooveshark is an international peer-to-peer music platform, built behind a social network online. Its users are able to stream their own composed full-length songs, build playlists, share music and make friends—all for free.”Logo Design Process: Homespun Chili“Homespun Chili uses local and international ingredients to create one-of-a-kind meat and vegetarian chili creations. The Logo was supposed to be clean, smart, quirky, mainstream with a little Martha Stewart!”Siah Design Rebrand ProcessThe Siah Design logo shows a hand with index finger showing direction with the bottom part of the hand being the pencil. The icon suggests giving direction to creativity. The significance of the finger pointing up is that it is pointing up to God giving Him any credit for his design work. Being a Christian creative director Josiah Jost is very open about his faith. Siah Design specializes in logo design, has won various awards for its work and has been published in multiple design books. Siah Design serves a local, national and international clientele.Artistic Expression: Logo Design From Start to FinishVero offers restaurants, cafés and hotels an eco-friendly bottled water alternative. The company uses the latest in microprocessor-controlled water-purification technology to purify, chill and (if needed) carbonate tap water at the point of use.Dache.ch Logo Design ProcessDache is the portfolio of David Pache, where he also describes his self-branding. He’s a creative consultant and brand and identity designer in Switzerland who works with clients all over the globe to design logos, websites and more.The Logo Development Process: New England Breeze Case StudyNew England Breeze sells and installs wind turbines and solar panels for commercial and residential customers.Step by Step Logo Design ProjectThe idea behind myNiteLife is to provide an online organizer and planner for nightlife in the city of Sheffield, where bars, restaurants and clubs, among other venues, are listed, along with user reviews and ratings.Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid WaysVivid Ways is a new blog that focuses on personal development and colorful living. It aims to inspire and encourage readers by offering ideas and tips on how to live an amazing life.Giacom Brand Identity DesignGiacom is a leading provider of Internet services in the private and public sectors of the UK, Europe and beyond. Giacom’s portfolio includes scalable Internet hosting and outsourced message filtering and archiving systems.Henri Ehrhart Brand Identity DesignHenri Ehrhart is a French wine producer in the Alsace region. The company, in operation for more than 50 years, focuses on standard and medium-range wines distributed mainly in supermarkets. It sold 4.5 million bottles in 2008.VISSUMO Brand Identity DesignVISSUMO is a provider of next-generation touch technologies for industrial, architectural, retail, transportation, instructional and entertainment applications. The company has recently undergone a name change, from Infini Touch to VISSUMO, and this designer’s task was to create the new brand identity and stationery.Ecometrica Brand Identity DesignEcometrica is a provider of carbon-footprint services as well as land-use–change monitoring. The company is also a source of information on business and climate change.Tammy Lenski Brand Identity DesignTammy Lenski LLC is a business that deals with conflict resolution in the workplace. The new logo was expected to be simple and clean, inspiring and inviting.Troove Logo Design ProcessTroove is a company based in Mountain View, California. It originally started out as a search engine for finding structured business applications to download, hence their name (a variation of the French word “trouve,” which means “to find”). The new logo was inspired by the phrase “finders, keepers”.Logo Design Process for Just Creative Design’s Award Winning LogoIn this article, Jacob Cass talks about how he decided on the name for his freelancing business, Just Creative Design, and the process he used to design the award-winning logo.Logo Design Case StudyJMR Insurance Group is an insurance company based in Florida. Their new logo was created around the phrase “Protecting Your World”.Berthier Associates Brand Identity DesignBerthier Associates is a Tokyo-based architecture firm with extensive experience in designing corporate office interiors, creating innovative workplaces, improving corporate image and fostering individual performance.A-List Blogging Bootcamps’ Identity DesignA-List Blogging Bootcamps is a website that offers a series of short, live online training courses for bloggers.Metro Aviation Logo Design ProcessMetro Aviation is a helicopter transport company.Creating a Business LogoUserScape is the company behind HelpSpot, a market-leading, Web-based help-desk software solution.Case Study: Brokers Logo Design Process“Brokers runs stock market simulations, reality contests for college students of finance. A team of five members receives a portfolio of $1 million in virtual money to make trades in the Mexican stock market and the foreign exchange market. Principal message to be portrayed by the new logo? A fresh, impacting brand style but still giving the professional image of the event.”Kick’s Logo Design ProcessKick is a chic women’s boutique with throwback glam décor. It is located in a progressive and growing downtown area. It aims for the distinguished in taste and style.Blackberry Creek’s Logo Design ProcessBlackberry Creek Community Church needed a logo…Logo Design Process For FitucciFitucci is a source for custom doors and windows. It specializes in luxury residential and commercial projects and supplies state-of-the-art doors and windows.Sponsr Logo Design ProcessSponsr is a Web company in Orlando, Florida, that connects sponsors to event promoters, venues and producers. The visual identity was to be more end-user driven than b2b oriented.LatitudeSouth’s Creative ProcessLatitudeSouth is a new enterprise that offers a fresh approach to outsourcing legal services. Important objective: Its New Zealand origins are important to the company, though it works with clients all over the world.HotBox Studios’ Logo Design ProcessHotBox Studios is a company based in southeast England that specializes in creative animation and design.Mindberry’s Logo Design ProcessMindberry GmbH is a company based in Vienna that offers consulting and project management services. It has established the business in Austria and is looking to expand service to the rest of Europe and the US. The Brand wants to target a young/trendy audience as well as more conservative companies.Design Process of Undersea ProductionsUndersea Productions is a team of underwater image specialists run by Josh Jensen and Liz Harlin, a husband-and-wife and video-and-photo duo with years of experience in all aspects of underwater imaging. They are truly passionate about the underwater world.Design Process of Dimitrovi & Co.Founded in the early ’90s in the city of Pleven and focused on delivering heavy machinery services (excavators, bulldozers and heavy trucks), Dimitrovi & Co. is now one of the largest construction companies in north Bulgaria.The Logo Design Process From Start to FinishUke sells unique arrangements of chocolate as an alternative to gift baskets. It targets an upscale market.The Logo Design Process: From Concept to CompletioneLIFELIST is an online community dedicated to acknowledging and fulfilling its members’ life goals.Identity Design Process for Butterfield PhotographyButterfield Photography is run by Maria and Robert Butterfield, who each focus on a different area of photography: wedding and family photography, and commercial and sports photography. One of the constraints: The logo had to be usable across a broad range of businesses.Logo Design: From Start to FinishDANZK is a soon-to-be-launched lifestyle blog that focuses on culture, food, art and design from Denmark. The blog aims to expose the Danish way of life to locals and foreigners who are interested in the country. It recommends and reviews Danish products related to food, design and music. Problem: Come up with ideas free of clichés!Process: Branding Ian MattesonThis brand and identity development project is for photographer Ian Matteson, an action and commercial-based photographer out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with Ian’s action and commercial work, he shoots a lot of film and fine art. The Logo was to compliment his style.Dezeen Watch StoreThe Dezeen Watch Store identity brief was initially small in scope, but the outcome has remarkable underlying complexity. Watch Store is Dezeen’s first retail venture. It specializes in watches by famous designers and boutique brands. The outcome: a dynamic clock identity!Visual Identity: SabienziaSabienzia is a dynamic and international enterprise. Its team has more than 20 years of experience in the area of teleworking, unified communication, virtualization, advanced analytics and green IT.IBBT’s Logo RedesignThe Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology, a Flemish research institute, creates highly competent human capital through interdisciplinary, demand-driven basic research that targets ICT and broadband services in collaboration with companies and government.Brokers Direct Identity DesignBrokers Direct is an online insurance company that offers quick, friendly and low-cost insurance for landlords, tenants, owners of vacant property, homeowners, students and owners of commercial properties.A Guide to Creating Professional Quality Logo DesignsHere are some general rules of logo design and guidelines we should stick to in order to make high-quality logos. The author also explores how to put them into practice to create a logo design that works in the real world.WebMYnd Logo Design ProcessOne of WebMYnd’s products is a browser plug-in that turns your Web-browsing history into an extension of your own memory. It allows you to keep a copy of everything you look at on the Web and search actual page images and text when you need to remember or find something.Branding FixelFixel is a small design agency that puts out top-shelf work. Its team of designers, developers and creative thinkers aims to help companies unlock the potential of their brand.Apple & Eve Identity DevelopmentThis logo process post is for a company tantalizingly called, Apple & Eve.Funcrumb Logo Design ProcessFuncrumb, currently under development, is an online community that helps make your social life more active and stimulating. It makes it easy to find people who share your hobbies and interests, find romantic connections or establish new business contacts.Green Candy’s Logo Design ProcessDesigning a logo is no easy task; a lot of thought is required to achieve the best possible design solution for the client. Here is the process for Green Candy.Articles And Resources10 Principles of the Logo Design MastersThe veterans of the logo design industry have achieved success for a reason. Sure, it’s partially due to years of practice, blood, sweat, tears and inky fingers, but it’s mainly because they stuck to the 10 solid-gold principles of world-class logo design.Brand NewBrand New shares opinions about corporate and brand identity work.TrademarkiaTrademarkia is promoted as “the ultimate research tool for logo designers.”Steps in a Successful Logo Design ProcessTo design a memorable logo, the designer progresses through various stages of listening, research, development, feedback and changes.(rb)Tags: branding, icon, logo designAbout the author: Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. He also runs the blog webdesigncore.com, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.